Michael Sotire -

Apprentice Power invites collaborations to advance and broaden the programs outlined below. 

"Engaging Workforce Development: A Framework for Meeting CRA Obligations" - This Fed Reserve report is an excellent guide, which can be used to break down the silos that challenge human capital and community economic development. The process can facilitate collaborations among stakeholders in both CRA compliance and opportunity zone growth who may not ordinarily communicate yet have interrelated socioeconomic objectives.

In accordance with the final report of the Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion, Apprentice Power is collaborating with cross-industry brand leaders to advance "Banking on Apprenticeship ", a brand campaign. The objective is to create awareness that youth apprenticeship initiatives can be structured to include entrepreneurship education and character development, operate in collaboration with public and private sector leadership and provide significant socioeconomic benefits to low-and-moderate-income individuals and communities. The initiatives can enhance CRA compliance and other programs focused on community and economic development.