Advancing Appalachia through Smart Investment

Apprentice Power is a coalition of large deposit advisors working in collaboration with or for family offices, foundations, institutional investors and others. We recognize that new banking, workforce and housing legislation is serving a unique broader purpose. When coupled with the growing global interest in modern apprenticeship and other work-based learning initiatives, public sector policies are collectively advancing a global social enterprise that focuses on 3D printing and robotics. We help to align and achieve the goals and objectives of public and private sector investors. Our plan is designed to leverage government funding through a process that increases large deposits, promotes small business loans and creates opportunities for place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment. In the process, we introduce public and private sector funders and investors to participating businesses in various stages of maturity.

Apprentice Power broadens the scope and socioeconomic impact of CRA compliance, Opportunity Zones and other community and economic development strategies by incorporating a comprehensive human capital development and supply chain component. In this context, we define human capital as the collective knowledge, skills, attitudes, character and other assets residing in human beings, which empowers them to create economic opportunity for themselves and for the businesses, industries and communities in which they work and live. 

Our impact investing plan leverages federal spending in human capital development and includes a solution for protecting large deposits via FDIC-insured money market accounts. When you place a large deposit with us, we distribute your funds to a group of well-capitalized banks that are actively seeking deposits. Funds ($250,000 minimum required) are placed into our network of well-capitalized banks. Your deposits, principal and interest are structured to stay within the FDIC insurance limits. Interest is accrued daily and posted monthly.