Advancing Opportunity Zones in the Appalachian Region

Apprentice Power is committed to the growth, adaptability and sustainability of Opportunity Zones through innovations that include the integration of business and social entrepreneurship. Our apprenticeship grant strategy is designed to help align and achieve the human capital, workforce housing and other socioeconomic goals and objectives of Opportunity Zone investors. Our strategies work in collaboration with CRA compliance and other community economic development programs, which are designed to serve low-and-moderate income individuals and communities.

Apprentice Power leverages government funding through a process designed to increase large deposits, promote small business loans and create opportunities for place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment. We capitalize on the fact that new banking, workforce and housing legislation can be aligned to serve a unique broader purpose, which is to collectively advance Opportunity Zone initiatives across the United States.

Apprentice Power broadens the scope and socioeconomic impact of Opportunity Zones and other community and economic development programs by incorporating a comprehensive human capital supply chain component, which focuses on banking and financial services, additive manufacturing and robotics. In this context, we define human capital as the collective knowledge, skills, attitudes, character and other assets residing in human beings, which empowers them to create economic opportunity for themselves and for the businesses, industries and communities in which they work and live.