Banking on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in CRA Compliance

Apprentice Power helps banks to achieve CRA compliance, advance place-based impact investing and stimulate foreign direct investment. We leverage public and private sector financial and other resource support to advance strategies designed to empower low-and-moderate-income individuals and communities to grow and prosper. 

Apprentice Power aligns non-traditional and youth-focused apprenticeships and other work-based learning models with early college high schools, sector-based workforce strategies and the new collar jobs initiative.

Apprentice Power helps to modernize and broaden the CRA compliance process through  collaborations with education, industry and government leaders. Our initial focus areas include: financial and banking services, 3D printing, transportation and logistics, sustainable development, cyber security, artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and the Internet of Things.


Apprentice Power also supports the CRA compliance process by making advanced manufacturing and other apprenticeship grants available to employers through their banking relationships. 

The grants are intended to promote financial literacy and education, create job opportunities for low-and-moderate-income individuals, catalyze sector-based workforce initiatives, advance 3D printed affordable homes and advance community and economic development. 

Apprentice Power also enables employers to track the performance of apprenticeship candidates, so they can make fully informed decisions about the value of apprenticeship.

Apprentice Power breaks down the silos that challenge socioeconomic progress by uniting stakeholders who have common socioeconomic goals and objectives yet may not ordinarily communicate.

Apprentice Power grants can also serve as catalytic capital for place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment through the integration of business and social entrepreneurship. The process can help to increase and diversify the human capital endowment of the United States. 

"A nation’s human capital endowment embodies the knowledge and skills residing in individuals, which empowers them to create economic value. 

Human capital must be invested in and leveraged efficiently in order for it to generate returns for the individuals involved and for the economy as a whole. 

Human capital is a key driver of a successful economy, as routine tasks are automated and the premium paid to creativity rises accordingly". 

(World Economic Forum)