"Impact Investing in Appalachia" - A Place-Based Initiative

Apprentice Power is a social entrepreneurship formed to execute a work-based learning and human capital development strategy designed to advance community economic development in the Appalachian Region of the United States. In this context, we define human capital as the collective knowledge, skills, character and other assets residing in human beings, which empowers them to create economic opportunity for themselves and for the businesses, industries, communities and counties located in the Appalachian states.  

Apprentice Power collaborates with the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing at Marshall University to provide recruitment, training and administrative assistance for apprenticeship programs across the Appalachian Region. The process expands in socioeconomic scope to support POWER (Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization), a multi-agency initiative that delivers federal resources to help communities affected by job losses in coal mining and related industries.