Apprentice Power - Producing Human Capital through the Power of A

Apprentice Power is a social enterprise working in collaboration with banking and 3D printing associations and apprenticeship grantees through the Power of A. Our objective is to increase and diversify the human capital endowment of the United States through an apprenticeship strategy that advances STEM and financial education, creates jobs, closes the skills gap and reduces college debt.  

Apprentice Power provides 3D printing apprenticeship training subsidies and related services. In the process, we collaborate with public and private sector partners to align federal grants, loans, FDIC-insured large deposits and other funding and investment mechanisms. The process also cultivates a broader landscape for impact investing and foreign direct investment. 

Apprentice Power supports sustainable development through responsible investment. Our community and economic development strategy addresses the diverse human capital requirements of industry and the arts and culture with a focus on banking and financial services, 3D printing, robotics and creative placemaking. We welcome discussions about Opportunity Zones, CRA compliance and the potential socioeconomic impact of a human capital development plan that focuses on 3D printing and affordable housing.