Banking on Brand and Apprenticeship - A CRA Compliance Plan

Apprentice Power is social enterprise working in collaboration with banks to serve low-and-moderate-income (LMI) individuals and communities. We combine apprenticeship grants and the power of brand to broaden and showcase the socioeconomic scope and impact of CRA compliance innovations. Our work expands by creating an international landscape for place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment between the United States Switzerland.

Our strategies help banks to reduce compliance costs, expand customer services, enhance corporate citizenship and increase business growth. In the process, we provide apprenticeship job opportunities and learning subsidies to job-seekers and employers. Our contingent and permanent workforce solutions help employers to tailor apprenticeships and other work-based learning and training models to serve their human resource needs.   

Our objective is to help increase and diversify the human capital endowment of the United States.  "A nation’s human capital endowment embodies the knowledge and skills residing in individuals, which empowers them to create economic value. Human capital must be invested in and leveraged efficiently in order for it to generate returns for the individuals involved and for the economy as a whole." (World Economic Forum)