Apprentice Power - Advancing Global Association Leadership

Apprentice Power is an international public private partnership founded by the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation. 

Apprentice Power is committed to jobs creation through a process that advances human capital, small business, workforce and economic development with a focus on today's and tomorrow's workplace.


Apprentice Power aligns and broadens the global socioeconomic scope of industry and trade associations with an initial focus on STEM education and human capital development in the United States and Australia. 

Apprentice Power forms strategic alliances with diverse education, human capital, workforce and economic development stakeholders who may not ordinarily communicate yet have interrelated goals and objectives. The process tears down the silos that challenge global socioeconomic progress. 

Apprentice Power facilitates collaborations between education and industry, which can better connect high school and college students and the world of work through the introduction of employer-driven apprenticeships.

Apprentice Power also holistically addresses the human capital needs of industry supply chains and ecosystems. The partnership advances a more unified continuum of STEM and entrepreneurship education, workforce and economic development.  

Apprentice Power helps associations and their employer members and strategic partners to align and achieve their diverse yet interrelated socioeconomic goals and objectives, ranging from the advancement of inclusive economic opportunity to the alleviation of poverty.  

 Apprentice Power aligns learning, staffing and other human capital and workforce development solutions, which function as catalysts for skills gap reduction, jobs creation, small business and economic development. 

Apprentice Power also provides opportunities for employers to determine the potential of sales, technical, creative and other job candidates before they are hired through a learning and temporary staffing solution. 

Apprentice Power enables employers to explore whether an apprenticeship or another workforce strategy is best suited to align and advance employee productivity and business growth. 

Apprentice Power economic development strategies currently function to establish cyber-secure regions and a sustainable 3D printing supply chain and ecosystem.   

Apprentice Power enhances business attraction, retention and expansion through a process designed to stimulate impact investing and foreign direct investment in the advanced manufacturing and other mature and emerging industries.