Where Banking Innovation Advances Community Development

Apprentice Power collaborates with banks on the creation of CRA modernization and compliance strategies. The process is designed to align, enhance and broaden the socioeconomic value proposition of reciprocal deposits, place-based impact investments and ABLE accounts. 

The process also supports and advances mentored apprenticeships and other work-based learning and training innovations across the United States. Apprentice Power focuses on low-and-moderate-income individuals and communities.

Apprentice Power executes a plan designed to produce the diversely-skilled talent required to help satisfy the compliance requirements of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and other compliance obligations. 


Apprentice Power also collaborates with thought leaders in 3D printing to create strategies that advance affordable housing in Opportunity Zones. In the process, we work to help produce the diversely-skilled workforces required to ensure the growth and sustainability of the additive manufacturing, robotics and related industries. Artificial intelligence is central to the enterprise. 

The objective is to leverage public and private sector investments in a more holistic continuum of education, workforce, community and economic development. The process aligns apprenticeship grants with non-brokered reciprocal deposits and other impact investments. 

The grants create jobs and can include learning components designed to advance financial literacy, economic education and character development. The grants, include all applicable tax credits and other employer benefits.

Apprentice Power utilizes the growing interest in early college high schools, internships, apprenticeships and other work-based learning solutions to help increase and diversify the human capital endowment of the United States. Apprentice Power focuses on low-and-moderate-income individuals and welcomes all student and job-seeker populations.


"A nation’s human capital endowment embodies the knowledge and skills residing in individuals, which empowers them to create economic value."

"Human capital must be invested in and leveraged efficiently in order for it to generate returns for the individuals involved and for the economy as a whole." 

(World Economic Forum)