Apprentice Power - Human Capital Innovation and Investment

Advancing Workforce, Small Business, Community and Economic Development

Apprentice Power collaborates with industry and trade associations, financial and education institutions, employers, workforce development boards, economic development agencies and others. The process is designed to create and connect financial education and literacy, mentored apprenticeship and early college high school initiatives. 

Apprentice Power leverages grants, community reinvestment, place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment strategies. The plan is designed to ensure the growth and sustainability of a more holistic continuum of STEM, entrepreneurship and career technical education, workforce, small business and economic development. The strategy aligns the results of a comprehensive analysis of several international apprenticeship models with a series of exclusive  association leadership solutions.   

Apprentice Power recognizes an opportunity to align business and social entrepreneurship through a process designed to increase and diversify the human capital endowment of the United States. A nation's human capital endowment - the skills and capacities that reside in people and that are put to productive use - can be a more important determinant of long term economic success than virtually any other resource. (World Economic Forum)