Banking on Apprenticeship to Achieve CRA Compliance

Apprentice  Power collaborates with banks and their nonprofit strategic partners to  serve low-and-moderate-income (LMI) individuals and communities. We provide apprenticeship grants to LMI residents and communities through CRA compliance plans. The process supports community and economic development by creating jobs and industry-specific workforce initiatives, which also provide a framework for place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment. 

We also work with banks to reduce CRA compliance costs, expand customer services, enhance corporate citizenship and increase productivity. We combine apprenticeship grants in the form of catalytic capital and the power of international brand unity to broaden and showcase the socioeconomic  scope and impact of CRA compliance plans.  


Apprentice Power is also creating an international brand and branding alliance with Helping Communities Work (HCW), a global impact investing partnership between the United States and Switzerland. We are leveraging approximately 500 million dollars of apprenticeship funding to help create an international landscape for reciprocal deposits, place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment in human capital, workforce, community and economic development. 

We work in synergy with a new agreement between the two countries through which they will cooperate in such areas as work-based training, curriculum development, credential recognition, pathways to career development and the expansion of programs into new industry sectors.