Apprentice Power - Advancing Innovation in CRA Compliance

Apprentice Power broadens the socioeconomic scope and impact of financial institutions through innovative community reinvestment compliance strategies. They are designed to help people and places grow and prosper through the collective capacities and capabilities of ManpowerGroup.   

The ManpowerGroup family of brands is a world leader in the alignment of innovative education, workforce, community and economic development solutions, which connect human potential to the power of business. ManpowerGroup Solutions, Experis, Manpower and Right Management serve large and small organizations across all industry sectors. 

Apprentice Power utilizes the global interest in apprenticeship as a catalyst for workforce, community reinvestment and economic development through strategies designed in collaboration with the banking industry.

Apprentice Power is currently providing apprenticeship grants to employers through financial institutions. The goals are to promote financial literacy and education, create job opportunities for low-and-moderate-income individuals, increase affordable housing, enhance banking innovation and assist in satisfying the CRA compliance obligations of banks and CDFI's.

Engaging Workforce Development: A Framework for Meeting CRA Obligations is an excellent guide, which Apprentice Power uses to break the silos that challenge community growth and sustainability. The process facilitates collaborations among banks, insurance companies, credit unions and others in order to achieve diverse socioeconomic goals and objectives. The publication helps to expand CRA compliance opportunities and may be used to frame community benefits negotiations between community groups and real estate developers. 

Apprentice Power integrates business and social entrepreneurship through place-based impact investing strategies designed to increase and diversify the human capital endowment of the United States. 

The process functions to establish a holistic continuum of early college high schools, career academies, non-traditional apprenticeships and the national new collar jobs initiative. 

"A nation’s human capital endowment embodies the knowledge and skills residing in individuals, which empowers them to create economic value. 

Human capital must be invested in and leveraged efficiently in order for it to generate returns for the individuals involved and for the economy as a whole. Human capital is a key driver of a successful economy, as routine tasks are automated and the premium paid to creativity rises accordingly". (World Economic Forum)