Advancing Appalachia - Increasing and Diversifying the Human Capital Endowment of the United States

Apprentice Power utilizes a social enterprise strategy to align the business growth and corporate citizenship goals and objectives of the banking and digital manufacturing industries. We collaborate with a network of banks to provide a 3D printing and robotics apprenticeship grant program. The process operates at the state level and includes an alliance with organizations that are committed to the advancement of human capital, community and economic development in the Appalachian Region. The plan is being tailored for application across the United States. 

Apprentice Power also broadens the socioeconomic scope and impact of CRA compliance and other community reinvestment and economic development programs. We are cultivating a landscape for creative placemaking, brownfield development and the construction of 3D printed homes in Opportunity Zones and other locations. The process includes collaborations with stakeholders in banking and 3d printing in order to create an enterprise that attracts and leverages government funding, large bank deposits, small business loans, place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment.