Elevating Opportunity Zone through Entrepreneurship

Apprentice Power advances opportunity zones through the integration of business and social entrepreneurship. Our work includes a strategy designed to broaden the socioeconomic impact of CRA compliance programs while cultivating a landscape for place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment. We focus on the financial services, additive manufacturing, robotics and health care industries. We also collaborate with CDC Deposits and other signatories and members of PRI and US SIF to advance the principles of sustainable and responsible investment.

Apprentice Power also creates a human capital environment in which older and younger generations, including business and social entrepreneurs, work side by side for change in opportunity zones. In this context, we define human capital as the knowledge, skills, attitudes and other assets and resources residing in human beings, young and old, which collectively empower them to create economic opportunity for themselves and for the businesses, industries and communities in which they work and live.