Empowering Human Capital in Opportunity Zones

Apprentice Power is a social enterprise formed to establish a more holistic relationship between the public and private sector stakeholders engaged in human capital and workforce development. We focus on opportunity zones and provide 3D printing, robotics and other apprenticeship grants to employers and job-seekers through our banking, association and municipal relationships. Entrepreneurship is a central component of our strategies.

We collaborate with the Manpower Group family of brands and employers to develop apprenticeship programs for full time employment and temporary staffing needs. We work to create social impact in opportunity zones through an alliance with Helping Communities Work. 

"Engaging Workforce Development: A Framework for Meeting CRA Obligations" - This Federal Reserve report is an excellent guide, which we use to break down the silos that challenge human capital and workforce development. The process facilitates collaborations among cross-sector stakeholders who may not ordinarily communicate yet have interrelated socioeconomic objectives.