Social Enterprise

As defined by Deloitte, "a social enterprise combines revenue growth and profit making with the need to respect and support its environment and stakeholder network. This includes listening to, investing in, and actively managing the trends that are shaping today’s world. It is an organization that shoulders its responsibility to be a good citizen, serving as a role model for its peers, and promoting a high degree of collaboration at every level of the organization. Achieving success in today’s market requires organizations to transform from a business enterprise to a social enterprise. Hitting the traditional marks of business performance are no longer the only defining metrics of success. Businesses today are being valued as much by their interactions and impacts on society as they are by their financial results."  

Apprentice Power advances social enterprise through public and private sector collaborations that support technology integration, which can help to align and expand diverse human capital supply chains. One case in point is the integration of HP’s new Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D printing solution with Siemens’ Digital Enterprise offerings. The solution enables industrial companies to bring 3D printed parts to market faster, more cost-effectively, more sustainably and at higher volumes than ever before. The solution combines HP’s 3D printing and 3D data platform, including its new HP Jet Fusion 5200 system, with Siemens Digital Industries Software.