Place-Based Impact Investing

Apprentice  Power is a strategic partner of Helping Communities Work, an impact investing initiative focused on the alignment of early college high schools, industry-recognized internships and apprenticeships and lifelong learning programs. We are facilitating the integration of innovative work-based solutions into the business plan. The initiative will also advance the development of industry-recognized sales apprenticeships and standards 

Apprentice Power collaborates with impact investing stakeholders to transform apprenticeship grants, reciprocal deposits and other public and private sector financial support into catalytic capital for the creation of place-based impact investing strategies and opportunities. The goals are to create jobs and help produce the apprentices and other diversely-skilled essential and supportive talent required across the additive manufacturing, robotics and related industries. The objective is to make a positive, measurable and intentional contribution to the socioeconomic well-being of low-and-moderate-income individuals and communities