CRA Compliance

Apprentice Power collaborates with banks to execute a community economic development strategy, which expands the socioeconomic scope and impact of CRA compliance programs. 

Our 3D printing and robotics apprenticeship grant strategies are designed to incentivize additional funding and investment. The objectives are to close the skills gap, create jobs, provide business opportunities to employers through a process that advances workforce, community and economic development. 

We work to align diverse yet interrelated human capital supply chains, which connect the sales forces and other human resources of the digital manufacturing, affordable housing, banking and financial services industries.


We utilize the growing global interest in apprenticeship to harness the human capital power of a robust education to employment continuum. The process enhances the individual socioeconomic value propositions of STEAM, entrepreneurship and financial education - early college high schools and higher education institutions - work-based learning - sector-focused workforce strategies and the new collar jobs initiative.