Industry and Trade Associations

Apprentice Power empowers associations to collaborate with community groups in order to align and achieve diverse yet interrelated socioeconomic goals and objectives. In the process, associations can gain a clear understanding of the data they have and the information they may need to assess how their  business processes impact their communities, the environment and the  world. 

Community stakeholders include: workforce development boards, school districts and education institutions, economic development agencies, health care systems, libraries, employers and others. Apprentice Power breaks down the cross-sector silos that challenge socioeconomic innovation and progress by facilitating collaborations among stakeholders who have common interests but may not ordinarily communicate  

Industry and trade associations serve as information channels for their respective employer members regarding training grants, salary subsidies, tax credits and other benefits and services related to the hosting of apprenticeships. Associations can also broaden their professional development capabilities by becoming approved training providers and obtaining government funding through the Workforce innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.